Madonna plays “Lucifer” at Eurovision (R$E)

Published on May 20, 2019
Exposed! Madonna Illuminati Performance at Eurovision 2019 Jesus will destroy the works of the Knights Templar and the god of the Kabbalah. The video is an inversion of the Death and Resurrection of Christ, proving once again that the agenda revolves around an attack on Him. Turn today to the true Savior and give your life to the Lord. He is the only salvation from sin and death. For he is not a God of the dead, but of the living: for all live unto him. Luke 20:38 All of these events are leading to the Glorious Revelation of Jesus, for which I’m very excited.

Greater than the Eve of Destruction! – John Shorey

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               Below is only the introduction to my next newsletter


Two months ago I wrote part of my newsletter with the title from Barry McGuire’s song called the “Eve of destruction.”  It was very prophetic and how I happened on the song was no coincidence. This newsletter with this title was posted on Jeff Byerly’s site called, Whistleblower Jeff  this newsletter had 1200 hits.

                                What is going on?

Last week I put out the most important newsletter I have ever done, and it only had 90 hits on Jeff’s site.  I have a website counter as well and in the last two months my hits from around the world have cut in half. This last newsletter had two fresh revelations given to me in the last few weeks. These fresh revelations could very well be the most important revelations God has ever given to me.

When I just asked the question, “What is going on?” I believe I know what is going on. We are seeing an incredible loss of interest in the imminent return of the Lord. Worse than just a loss of interest, it could even be part of the great falling away. This falling interest is greater than the, Eve of Destruction. Continue reading “Greater than the Eve of Destruction! – John Shorey”