Virginia Couple Threatened With Eviction for Holding Bible Study File Complaint With HUD

(The Christian Post) An elderly couple facing a possible eviction from a Virginia-based retirement community for hosting a Bible study has taken their fight to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. In July, the Community Realty Company sent a notice to Kenneth and Liv Hauge, who live at the Evergreens at Smith Run in Fredericksburg, informing them that they must either stop holding Bible study or be evicted.

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The Enemy’s Hand – Glynda Lomax


Those called to prayer in this time have an especially important work to do. They are like highly trained Bodyguards that provide cover for the workers assigned to other tasks. I saw in the spirit that some are assigned to prayer who are not praying, and this is happening on a wide scale. God has called a specific group to intense prayer and intercession. You have been assigned specific areas and people to pray over continually. Many are refusing to answer the call at all, but others are just not doing the work. The scene changed and I saw them out playing on a playground. The Lord showed me this was the enemy’s hand at work. Continue reading “The Enemy’s Hand – Glynda Lomax”


Papa God Yahweh says, yes My Children, My Judgments have come, and you haven’t seen anything yet

Given to Wendi Lee by Father God Yahweh on 15 Oct 18
Write My Holy Daughter who lives in Babylon America but has come out of her. Father has just given Wendi Lee a vision of complete and utter destruction of you O whore Babylon. There shall be nothing remaining except where the owls roost on the broken branches.

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