Judgment and Justice – June Sheltrown Reinke

October 11, 2018

Be Separate!

“Come out from among the naysayers, the doubters, the complacent and the disobedient,” says The LORD.
“For they will only become a snare unto you. DO not cast the precious things of My Spirit before them, to trample them under their feet, and use you as a doormat,” says The LORD. Continue reading “Judgment and Justice – June Sheltrown Reinke”


3 Messages From the Lord – Wendi Lee

Sept 26 2018

My Child Wendi Lee write My Holy & True Words coming directly from My Mouth to your ears. This is your Papa of All Creation, Your Adonai, Your Maker and Your Redeemer. I AM The Rock of Your Salvation.

Destruction, death and suffering, why does God Jehovah allow this to come upon His Children? Many many of you ask Me, though I do not have to give you an answer, Father will tell you. From time beginning God Jehovah Yaheveh knew you as My Word states, I have given each one who belongs to My Son and Me a measure of grace. I have always known what you will need, how much refinement and chastisement will be necessary for you, to make you fit to enter My Holy of Holies, for no uncleanness can enter. Continue reading “3 Messages From the Lord – Wendi Lee”


“I am coming to the coastlands.” with Michael – Alison Pound

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I had been praying on and off since watching a video of Jimmy Swaggart’s church. A woman brings a message in tongues in the middle of the service, interpretation follows. I was much affected and began to weep the moment the woman began to speak in tongues. The Lord began to speak to me about Hurricane Michael around midday (yesterday). He began by saying that the woman who brought the message in tongues is a faithful, long time servant of His. Continue reading ““I am coming to the coastlands.” with Michael – Alison Pound”


Who is the love of your life? – A Word From the Lord


Many say they are lovers of Me but it is I who can see each heart and what lies within it.  For those who truly love Me are ones who strive to love Me with their whole heart, entire mind, and in every part of their soul.  And they will seek to love Me with all the strength they have, and will only ask for more  – so they may continue to love Me.  Continue reading “Who is the love of your life? – A Word From the Lord”